Are the result of more then 40 years of experience as Broadcaster: all products are created and tested in a real Broadcast environment.
Our solutions are modular: created to grow with our partners.

Our Solutions are constantly evolving: to meet new needs, improve the user experience, take advantage of the latest technologies.
WonderCube is the solution that produces constant innovation and cost reduction.

Our Services


W3 Video Data Manager ICON
WonderCube platform for a web-based managing of contents of your Newsroom

VDM means digital archiving, sharing, publishing on Social and automation of production processes of each editorial staff.

L3 Traffic

L3 Traffic ICON

A single workstation to manage the entire work-flow of your broadcaster

Scheduling of playlists for different channels, content storage on remote servers, meta data insertion, clips marking, quality control, graphic events management, crawl, RSS feeds, scheduling of commercials contracts. These are just some of the processes that L3 Traffic allows you to manage, in a simple and safe way.

L3 Ingest

L3 Ingest ICON

An acquisition system extremely flexible

L3 Ingest can handle SDI and IP streams, controls matrices, schedules events and acquires in different formats.
A Simple and intuitive interface allows to be operative in just a few clicks.

L3 Playout

L3 Playout ICON

Broadcast Automation System designed by professionals in the television industry

Reliability, ease of use, constant innovation are the hallmarks of the modular WonderCube platform.
Tuned to the requirements of each broadcaster: can be used as stand alone system to become the first element of an extended platform that manages the complete Broadcast work-flow.