The L3 Playout application allows you to automate your broadcast in a simple and reliable way.
It can be used as stand alone Playout, offering features and performance of highest level, or integrated into the WonderCube platform and controlled remotely viaL3 Traffic software.

H264 – MPEG-2 – DV25 – MP3


Main Features

  • Playlists creation and scheduling by: Media Explorer
  • CG module to manage graphic
  • Video inputs for Live Events
  • Live Event via SDI input with Logo Station and graphic
  • IP Stream Input
  • Slide Show with Web Radio background
  • Clips already scheduled Preview
  • IP and SDI input preview with Graphics
  • Marking transcoding with logos and graphic events on timeline
  • Clips Quality Control
  • Output IP Streaming Control
  • Simultaneous SDI video output + IP streaming
  • Matrices and video Mixer Management
  • Programmes Records
  • Crawl Managing via Web Browser
  • RSS feed Management
  • Ability to Mark clips with Logos and Events on the time-line
  • Most popular video matrices integration and management


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