TWT Ltd, based in Padua in Via Francesco Scipione Orologio 2, is a leading company developing IT solutions dedicated to the broadcasting and digital archiving field.
Thanks to its team of software engineers, IT developers and designers, TWT provides a complete range of products, looking after each single step of the production process: from the definition of hardware configurations to the software and graphics development.
This competence provides to WonderCube® product line reliability, constant innovation and a graphical user interface simple and attractive.

IT Development:
In synergy with the Publishing Group TV7, historical player of the Italian broadcasting since 1976, TWT Ltd. designs and develops the WonderCube® product line, distributed by JVC Professional in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

WonderCube® means:
Digital archiving systems (video and data).
Audio Video acquisition and digitization Systems.
Hardware and software systems to manage the entire Broadcast work-flow: Ingestion, Archiving, Newsroom, Control Room, Playout.

Research and Training:
TWT is partner of the University of Padua, and is actively working in specific fields of research with the Faculty of Engineering, Statistical Sciences. It also promotes the DAMS with a Master of Arts: the "MOST.COM" (Master Over Science Technology and Communication).

Thanks to these important synergies, TWT continuously develops innovative solutions for the Broadcasting and archiving digital field, drawing on experience from technology partners and important market feedback from dealers in Europe, Middle East and Africa and, last but not least, from constant relationships with the national and international Broadcasters.